Where we are going and when...

  • Depart Tucson - June 5th
  • Arrive in Johannesburg - June 6th
  • Kruger National Park for Safari - June 7th - 10th
  • Capetown - June 10th - 18th
  • Capetown for France vs. Uruguay - June 11th
  • Simons Town for Shark Dive - June 12th
  • Capetown for Italy vs. Paraguay - June 14th
  • Winelands Wine Tour - June 15th
  • Durban - June 18th - 20th
  • Durban for Netherlands vs. Japan - June 18th
  • Victoria Falls - June 21st - 24th
  • Johannesburg to Tucson (via Atlanta) - June 24th

South Africa

South Africa

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It was only a short 4 years ago...



The Foster's

The Campbell's

The Campbell-Foster Children

Reed and Collin - they were so little ;-)

Ahhh, those crazy English!


  1. Great photos and what a trip that was!!
    Nice work Kim.

  2. How I wish The Cooley's were along for South Africa. I will never forget Germany!!!!! Have a great trip. Can't wait to hear about it!