Where we are going and when...

  • Depart Tucson - June 5th
  • Arrive in Johannesburg - June 6th
  • Kruger National Park for Safari - June 7th - 10th
  • Capetown - June 10th - 18th
  • Capetown for France vs. Uruguay - June 11th
  • Simons Town for Shark Dive - June 12th
  • Capetown for Italy vs. Paraguay - June 14th
  • Winelands Wine Tour - June 15th
  • Durban - June 18th - 20th
  • Durban for Netherlands vs. Japan - June 18th
  • Victoria Falls - June 21st - 24th
  • Johannesburg to Tucson (via Atlanta) - June 24th

South Africa

South Africa

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Day of USA

Today we have made great USA history. We have tied England by a goalkeeper blooper. the shot by Dempsey must have hypnotized the keeper he had just touched it and it rolled in as the keeper tries 3 times to stop it. Great end for the USA. So far only two wins out of 5 games in the World Cup 2010. We hope for more. The Fosters and the Campbell's have shown a lot of spirit for the USA, South Africa, Uruguay. As we were getting our fan supplies we found a shop with 2 USA flags but for a terrible price, 100 rand each (a lot of money for flags). So my mom bargained it down to 150 rand for both and Connor wandered off and came back a few min. later and said "a guy over here is offering 120 rand for 2." But he was lying and the guy believed him and we got it down to 120 rand for both. And went to a tapas game and tied England what a great day


  1. Fantastic game! Glad we tied! It was very exciting. I thought maybe we would have gotten another one... (lucky we got the one we did).

    Go USA!!!
    Cheryl & Len

  2. Tracy & MattJune 12, 2010 at 3:03 PM

    Great game!!. The flags were worth the rand-they brought us good luck.
    Go USA!
    Tracy & Matt

  3. One of these kids is not like the others...Connor's jersey is the favorite of one soccer player in my house!

  4. Other than no goals, how was France v Uruguay?