Where we are going and when...

  • Depart Tucson - June 5th
  • Arrive in Johannesburg - June 6th
  • Kruger National Park for Safari - June 7th - 10th
  • Capetown - June 10th - 18th
  • Capetown for France vs. Uruguay - June 11th
  • Simons Town for Shark Dive - June 12th
  • Capetown for Italy vs. Paraguay - June 14th
  • Winelands Wine Tour - June 15th
  • Durban - June 18th - 20th
  • Durban for Netherlands vs. Japan - June 18th
  • Victoria Falls - June 21st - 24th
  • Johannesburg to Tucson (via Atlanta) - June 24th

South Africa

South Africa

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day One

We are off to Ngala Safari after a quick stay at the Outlook Lodge. The Lodge is located in a seemingly upscale suburb of Jo'burg. The Lodge is a large house converted to a B and B. It is surrounded by a high wall and iron gates. We entered the Lodge through a gate after entering the neighborhood through a security gate.

The Lodge is very comfortable, the food was great and we met some other fired up travelling soccer fans.

One troubling note. A number of supporters were injured at a friendly between North Korea and Nigeria. Ticketing problems and a rush to standing room only viewing terraces appear to be the culprits. An estimated 10,000 supporters were caught up in a stampede. FIFA was quick to point out that it did not organize the friendly or handle ticketing and the stadium is not one of the World Cup venues.

We should be out of cell range in Ngala so we will post safari pix and stories later this week. Can't wait to see the Big 5!


  1. Stay away from guys with knives as you ignored my constant " stab proof vest" suggestions. Have fun.

  2. 1 Castle milk stout please.

  3. Think I don't get where I'm supposed to post my comment. Trying again here on your recent post:
    How do you like your trip so far? (as my dad would say 5 minutes away from the house...) I-T-A-L-I-A ! ! ! Love and hugs from Roma xoxoxo Sue P.S. Love the pics you posted on FB of our coffee morning in Feb. Must plan another riunion over the holidays perhaps. Have fun and cheer for Italy!!!

  4. Greg, Lets us know what matches you have tickets to. We want to look for you guys on the tele. The Connellys